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Banned: From Kinokuniya to Putrajaya

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Raman of Silverfish contacted me yesterday to tell me that he had learned from a customer that Farish Noor's From Majapahit to Putrajaya had been "banned".

Since I was making my weekly (expensive!) pilgrimage to Kino anyway that afternoon, I decided to check out the status of the book, and discovered, yes, that the KDN (Home Ministry) officials had make their rounds and confiscated all the copies of the book, telling the bookshop that they were going to investigate it further and that in the meantime the store was not allowed to sell copies of the book.

Today I learned that this ban applies to
all Farish's books which the store is not allowed to bring in until further notice (although there are still copies of the Malay translation of Di Balik Malaysia published by ZI Publications still on the shelves).


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Two Faces: Detention Without Trial - Malaysiakini

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Two Faces records Syed Husin Ali's experiences during his six-year detention under the Internal Security Act (ISA). His detention followed a spate of demonstrations in 1974 by students who supported the peasants in Baling, Kedah (Malaysia), and protested against poverty and the rise in prices of daily necessities.

Toward the end of the second year of his detention at Kamunting (located at Perak state), he was put in solitary confinement for six months in an unknown place in Kuala Lumpur. During this time he was interrogated and subjected to all kinds of torture and harassment.

There was an attempt to implicate him with a number of politicians and journalists who were then detained for alleged involvement in a "communist conspiracy" in Singapore and Malaysia. Interestingly, there were also attempts to implicate some senior UMNO leaders, including Dr. Mahathir Mohamad.

Two Faces links some personal experiences of the author with the social and political context of the time. (Source: Kinibooks at Malaysiakini) (Note: I’ve bought the bahasa Melayu version. I like it)