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Unmasking Najib – Lim Kit Siang

Monday, July 6, 2009

No one in living memory has ever had to drag so much unnecessary baggage along with him as Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak is doing on assuming the highest political office in Malaysia. My heart naturally goes out to the unfortunate man who has had to fend off, without a break, a relentless barrage of poison-tipped arrows all aimed at his personal and public integrity.

I will not claim to know how he must feel because I would have absolutely no idea unless I was in his well-heeled shoes. And this would be most unlikely even in a million years. Under different and happier circumstances, he should be celebrating his moment of destiny, the attainment, albeit UMNO-style, of the greatest political prize of all. However, I doubt, in spite of his calm and controlled demeanour and composure that he is looking forward to the great day with even the same degree of enthusiasm that I manage to work up each morning for my breakfast.

Frankly I marvel at his ability to remain almost as unflappable (as the legendary Harold Macmillan, the British Tory prime minister of the "winds of change" fame) in such a difficult and dangerous situation.

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