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The Promise: Internet fraud and bogus ‘love-affair’

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Alaf 21 Sdn. Bhd., an originally the Malay publisher powerhouse, continuing publish English fictions. The latest is The Promise. Looks like a cyber love-affair that involve a lot of money.

Are you familiar with the Internet fraud?
You first receive an e-mail from an insider or alleged "official" representing a present or former foreign government or agency. The letter, while appearing transparently bogus and even ridiculous to most, is unfortunately growing in its effectiveness and reach. I always receive this kind of email at least twice a month. I just ignore them.

Based on the synopsis given by the publisher, The Promise is about this kind of fraud.


ran into financial difficulties after his encounter with an Arab lady, Fatima on the internet. Fatima, at fi rst claimed that he could inherit a sum of USD13,000,000 from a dead Saudi Arabian businessman who had no heir. She made him believe that the deal was real.

Adam at the same time was being pressured into marriage by his parents. He thought Fatima could be the one after being dumped by his former girlfriend. Beyond his expectation, Fatima agreed to be his special on one condition; Adam must abide by her order.

Adam only discovered that Fatima actually had trapped and cheated him after a number of times transferring money overseas. He was the victim of an internet fraud and worst of all, Fatima did not really exist! So, who is Fatima?

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