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Tausug and the Sulu Sultanate

Monday, December 15, 2008

The most revealing recent book on the subject of the Moro race or the Tausug, and the Sulu Sultanate. It takes the readers through the entire period: from the early Muslim travelers who broght Islam to the region, to the Spanish Conquistador, to Marco's era, to the Philippine’s claim on Sabah today.

The reader is taken on an intriguing path of discovery - on the little known as second heir to the Sulu Sultanate, and in a nutshell, a proposed solution to the 'Moro problem'. You will find this book special and very different.

You can buy this book at Saba Islamic Media.


Pasukan peninjau Yayasan Aman yang baru pulang buat tinjauan mangsa perang di Mindanao mendapati keadaan mangsa amat teruk dan lebih 600,000 menjadi pelarian berikutan rumah mereka dibakar selain tanah dirampas.

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