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Rogue State, A Guide to the World`s Only Superpower

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Ever meet a hit man? If not, then consider living in his political equivalent: The United States. In Rogue State: A Guide to the World`s Only Superpower, find out how the U.S. sentences blasphemers to death--that is, people and governments blaspheming the "holy objectives of American foreign policy." William Blum supplies us with the facts about:

* Why terrorists keep picking on the United States; * The numerous foreign leaders whose assassinations were plotted by the U.S.; * How the U.S. supported Pol Pot but helped incarcerate Nelson Mandela; * The U.S. government`s extensive connection to torture;

* How the U.S. has been a haven for foreign terrorists and human rights violators; * The War Crimes Tribunal that will never be: How the U.S. squelched the charges of war crimes against its own and NATO`s leaders in 1999; * How the U.S. has perverted dozens of foreign elections; and much, much more.

With information such as this available in the public realm, Blum asks, how does the United States get away with it? A major reason, he concludes, is the world`s long-running love affair with the mystique of "America", the world`s adoration of what it believes to be the relentless devotion to the cause of freedom and human rights that is America.

In Rogue State, learn about decades of ubiquitous U.S. cruelty, kept -- remarkably -- from penetrating world consciousness or shocking world conscience. Though President Clinton calls America "the world`s greatest force for peace", William Blum shows that our Rogue State is really a marauding Western brute.

Horror: House on Bukit Kenanga

One of the Malaysia’s biggest local publishers, Alaf 21 Sdn Bhd has taken a bold and brave move to publish English fiction books for children. Currently the publisher has 3 titles in the market; House on Bukit Kenanga, House Of Horror and Mystery Of The Old Mansion all by Zamir Zakwan. I personally congratulate both the publisher and author for a very good and rare initiative from local Malay publishing industry.

Synopsys from the publisher

The house on Bukit Kenanga stood high on a hill, hidden by tall, whispery trees, surrounded by shadows. It was a rambling old place, a decaying mansion and it was watching us.

Something was there in the house, waiting. Something no longer alive…The haunted house has taken one victim, Jamil and Siti’s babysitter. But that’s not enough. The house wants Jamil and Siti, too. Just like that boy, Michael. He had an ‘accident.’ A deadly one.

This is Jamil and his little sister’s last chance to get out alive. The house on Bukit Kenanga is hiding some gruesome secrets. Secrets that will be kept... to the grave. Two kids, one haunted house. Let the haunting begin.

Alaf 21 website here:

Michael Erbschloe: Information Warfare

I like this book, about cyber threats & hackers activity. Among my favourite subjects. In today's electronic age, the threat of cyber attacks is great. For any organization with information-based assets, the deadliest weapons can come in the form of a keyboard, mouse, or personal computer.

With hacking attacks and computer-based crimes increasing both in frequency and degree of seriousness, it's clear that information warfare is real and companies must protect themselves in order to survive. But how do you avoid getting caught in the crossfire of these attacks and how do you prepare when the electronic future is uncertain? The answers can be found inside Information Warfare, from recognized security expert and information technology consultant Michael Erbschloe.

This revealing book explores the impact of information warfare and the disruption and damage it can cause to governments, corporations, and commercial Web sites. Is it possible for a small number of people to cause millions of dollars worth of economic destruction from a computer?

Through the use of scenarios and profiles of the cyber-terrorist subculture, you'll learn practical defense strategies for protecting your company or eCommerce site from cyber attacks.

The book also examines the steps that governments around the world need to take in order to combat the advanced skill levels of some of the most dangerous cyber-criminals today. Whether you're responsible for making technology decisions that affect your company's future, or interested in computer security in general, you won't find a more accurate and up-to-date book covering the emerging field of information warfare.