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First comment on Meniti Maut, a Malay novel that will rock the nation!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

This comment is not mine, just copy from another blog. Read on!

After reading the novel, I can't help but smile. There was an eagerness to discuss the recently read novel with someone. Being the only one beside me in the family that has read the novel to the finish; I discussed with my mother on the novel.

Meniti Maut is finally completed from cover to cover. I received my autographed copy from my father a few days back, and finished reading it the day after. Quite an accomplishment I can say, with all other things that I have to do; I can still finish the adventure. The novel itself is a page turner. I was immersed in a world not quite different with my surrounding, and the realness of it might be one of the factors that I can't put down the novel.

Lucky I have to put it down, because I have classes to attend and food to eat.

I remembered last semester break, Abah was still struggling to finish that story. For Abah, the story was already perfect, but since the editors did not quite happy with how many pages that novel had, Abah still had to add something in. Along the way to UTP to pick up my little brother for the semester break, Abah told me the what the story is all about. True I had already known the flow, and the general idea on the story, (I also know the ending already at that time) but I can still enjoy the novel.

I do not want to make a review on Meniti Maut, since the novel is not yet out, (I might not make a review even after you already received your copy in the next KL International Book Fair, LOL) but I think it is enough to say a few sentences to describe how delicious it was.

I saw a scene where Jet Li is fighting with people inside a bar.

I saw a scene where James Bond was trudging through a crowd of tourists.

I saw a scene where a surveillance truck is parked near a bank just like the movie "The Inside Man"

I even saw a scene where Monkey D. Luffy pick up his strawhat and puts it back on his head!

However, given my limited imagination, I can state many Hollywood movies resemblances (plus one anime), but not of local movies. But the novel managed to bring local cultures to life. Also of local administration. If before we can see movies putting together their CIAs and FBIs to solve cases, the novel picture how the local administration handles critical situations we usually see in the movies (Hollywood again).

But, I was not satisfied at the ending. Because I knew it already before reading it!

~Its my pleasure not to reveal many things so that you can enjoy every page of the book!

And of course! Congratulations, Abah! For completing another marathon run! (Original entry at

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